Skyway Businesses

In a somewhat random order- an index of what we've got going on in and around the skyway (so far).

Click on a listing to see it's location on the map.

Business ServicesAlpha GraphicsHighland Bank Court
Business ServicesBachmann Printing510 Marquette Building
Business ServicesFedex OfficeHyatt Regency
Business ServicesK&B CopyBaker Center
Business ServicesKinkosIDS Center
Business ServicesPaperChase Litigation Technologies11th And Harmon Ramp
Business ServicesSir SpeedyTCF Tower
Business ServicesSkyway TechsCanadian Pacific Plaza
Business ServicesThe UPS StoreCity Center
General ServicesAAA TravelBaker Center
General ServicesBallou Law OfficeButler Square
General ServicesMedica Skyway Senior CenterTarget Plaza
General ServicesPalisade Asset Management, LLCFifth Street Towers
General ServicesSkyway TechsCanadian Pacific Plaza
General ServicesTax CenterThe Crossings
AgencyUnivisionRand Tower
AgencyVisual PhixationThe Churchill
Apartments110 Grant Apartments110 Grant
ApartmentsBolero FlatsBolero Flats
ApartmentsCentre Village CondomiumsCentre Village
ApartmentsEdition 510Edition Apartments 510
ApartmentsEdition 511Edition Apartments 511
ApartmentsEdition 640Edition Apartments 640
ApartmentsLaSalle ApartmentsLaSalle Plaza
ApartmentsLatitude45Latitude 45
ApartmentsMarquette PlaceMarquette Place
ApartmentsThe ChurchillThe Churchill
ApartmentsThe Metro ApartmentsThe Metro Apartments
Art GalleryBurnet Art GalleryChambers Hotel
Art GalleryDrew Beson ArtCanadian Pacific Plaza
Art GalleryGallery 13Highland Bank Court
Art GalleryMain Street GalleryBaker Center
Art GalleryPremium Quality CoinNorthstar Center
ATMATM - Associated BankIDS Center
ATMATM - ATM NetworkRand Tower
ATMATM - Bank of AmericaBaker Center
ATMATM - BMOFifty South Sixth
ATMATM - BremerCapella Tower
ATMATM - Bremer BankIDS Center
ATMATM - City County FCUMinneapolis City Hall
ATMATM - City County Federal Credit UnionBaker Center
ATMATM - Instant CashSix Quebec
ATMATM - M&I BankBaker Center
ATMATM - St. Paul Federal Credit UnionUS Federal Courthouse
ATMATM - TCFConvention Center
ATMATM - TCFConvention Center
ATMATM - TCF BankCity Center
ATMATM - TCF BankMayo Clinic Square
ATMATM - TCF BankNorthstar Center
ATMATM - TCF BankNorthstar Center
ATMATM - TCF BankTarget Plaza
ATMATM - TCF BankTriTech Office Center
ATMATM - TranaxInternational Center
ATMATM - TranaxInternational Center
ATMATM - USBankThe Crossings
ATMATM - USBankThe Westin Minneapolis
ATMATM - USBankThe Westin Minneapolis
ATMATM - USBankUS Bancorp Center
ATMATM - USBankUSBank Plaza
ATMATM - Wells FargoCampbell Mithun Tower
ATMATM - Wells FargoIDS Center
ATMATM - Wells FargoThe Hotel Minneapolis (Midland Bldg)
ATMATM - Wells FargoWells Fargo Center
ATMUSBank ATMButler Square
Banking & MortgageAlerus FinancialCanadian Pacific Plaza
Banking & MortgageAmeripriseBaker Center
Banking & MortgageAmeripriseRBC Plaza
Banking & MortgageAssociated BankBaker Center
Banking & MortgageAssociated BankIDS Center
Banking & MortgageBank of America Home LoansBaker Center
Banking & MortgageBMOFifty South Sixth
Banking & MortgageBNC BankBaker Center
Banking & MortgageBremerCapella Tower
Banking & MortgageBremer BankCapella Tower
Banking & MortgageBremer BankIDS Center
Banking & MortgageCharles SchwabBaker Center
Banking & MortgageCrown BankSix Quebec
Banking & MortgageMN Residential Mortgage, Inc. Canadian Pacific Plaza
Banking & MortgageScottradeBaker Center
Banking & MortgageTCF BankIDS Center
Banking & MortgageTD AmeritradeBaker Center
Banking & MortgageUSBankIDS Center
Banking & MortgageUSBankUSBank Plaza
Banking & MortgageUSBank Retirement Planning CenterUS Bancorp Center
Banking & MortgageWells FargoIDS Center
Banking & MortgageWells FargoThe Hotel Minneapolis (Midland Bldg)
Banking & MortgageWells Fargo Home MortgageBaker Center
Banking & MortgageWings FinancialRand Tower
BarBar 508Butler Square
BarBar Fly716 Hennepin Ave
BarBar ZiaJerry Haaf Memorial Ramp
BarBrit's PubBrits Pub and Vincent Restaurant
BarConstantinIvy Tower
BarDan KellyWCCO Radio Building
BarFirst Ave & 7th Street EntryFirst Ave & 7th Street Entry
BarFulton Brewery
BarGluek's Bar & RestaurantGlueks
BarHubert'sTarget Center
BarKieran'sMayo Clinic Square
BarKrona BarNorthstar Center
BarLoon CafeButler Square
BarMartini'sMillennium Hotel
BarModist Brewing
BarO'Donovan's Irish PubODonovans
BarPrairie Kitchen & BarHyatt Regency
BarSeville ClubSeville Club
BarSix15Grand Hotel
BarWhisky Park15 Building
Seating AreaCrystal CourtIDS Center
Seating AreaGaviidae Seating AreaGaviidae Common
Seating AreaInternational Center AtriumInternational Center
Seating AreaSeating Area with FireplaceFifth Street Towers
BooksBarnes & NobleRSM Plaza
BooksMinneapolis Central LibraryMinneapolis Central Library
PhotographyJonathan Conklin PhotographyMedical Arts Building
ChiropractorDr. SpallinoBaker Center
ChiropractorDynamic Sports & Wellness ClinicThe Crossings
ChiropractorHealthSource ChiropracticLaSalle Plaza
ChiropractorMassage OrientalSix Quebec
ChiropractorOrthology Physical WellnessGaviidae Common
ChiropractorTake Care ChiropracticCanadian Pacific Plaza
Dry CleaningFalconer's Dry CleanersThe Churchill
Dry CleaningFalconer's Dry CleaningTCF Tower
Dry CleaningSt Croix CleanersSoo Line City Apartments
Dry CleaningSt Croix Dry CleanersIDS Center
Dry CleaningSt Croix Dry CleanersUSBank Plaza
ClothesBanana RepublicIDS Center
ClothesBrooks BrothersCity Center
ClothesElsworthHighland Bank Court
ClothesHubert WhiteIDS Center
ClothesMarty Mathis DirectNorthstar Center
ClothesMen's WarehouseUS Bancorp Center
ClothesPacifierCity Center
ClothesShop the RunwayCity Center
ClothesSt. CroixGaviidae Common
Cocktail BarBradstreet CrafthouseLoews Minneapolis Hotel
Cocktail BarChambers Hotel BarChambers Hotel
Cocktail BarForeign LegionSoo Line City Apartments
CoffeeBogart's Doughnut Co.IDS Center
CoffeeCafe PatteenInternational Center
CoffeeCaribouBaker Center
CoffeeCaribouBrits Pub and Vincent Restaurant
CoffeeCaribouCampbell Mithun Tower
CoffeeCaribouFifth Street Towers
CoffeeCaribouFifty South Sixth
CoffeeCaribouGaviidae Common
CoffeeCaribouInternational Center
CoffeeCaribouRBC Plaza (formerly part of Neiman's Wing of Gaviidae Common)
CoffeeCaribouUS Bancorp Center
CoffeeCaribouUSBank Plaza
CoffeeDunn Bros.Accenture Tower
CoffeeDunn Bros.Convention Center
CoffeeDunn Bros.LaSalle Plaza
CoffeeDunn Bros.Six Quebec
CoffeeDunn Bros.TCF Tower
CoffeeMax's CafeThe Crossings
CoffeePeace CoffeeCapella Tower
CoffeeStarbucksCanadian Pacific Plaza
CoffeeStarbucksCity Center
CoffeeStarbucksIDS Center
CoffeeStarbucksTarget Plaza
CoffeeStarbucks [Barnes & Noble]RSM Plaza
ConvenienceArcade ConveniencePlaza VII (Radisson)
ConvenienceBarkalow'sAccenture Tower
ConvenienceBarkalow'sGrain Exchange
ConvenienceBilly & Marty's Convenience StoreInternational Center
ConvenienceBilly & Marty's Convenience StoreRand Tower
ConvenienceConvenience StoreTCF Tower
ConvenienceCravingsCapella Tower
ConvenienceGateway Variety330 South 2nd Ave Building
ConvenienceGaviidae ConvenienceGaviidae Common
ConvenienceGeneral StoreButler Square
ConvenienceGoodio's ConvenienceFifty South Sixth
ConvenienceKuik E MartIDS Center
ConvenienceLe Cache Variety ShopLaSalle Plaza
ConvenienceNew MartTriTech Office Center
ConvenienceNissi ConvenienceBaker Center
ConvenienceNorthStar Market Convenience StoreNorthstar Center
ConveniencePlaza VII Gift ShopPlaza VII (Radisson)
ConvenienceRandaHighland Bank Court
ConvenienceSnax ConveniencePlymouth Building
ConvenienceThe Fresh MarketCity Center
ConvenienceThis & ThatBaker Center
ConvenienceTouch of ClassCampbell Mithun Tower
ConvenienceTowers ConvenienceFifth Street Towers
LawLindell & Lavoie, LLPCentre Village
LawPfefferle Kane LLPButler Square
Day CareCradle ClubButler Square
Day CareKinderberry Hill ChildcareFifty South Sixth
Day CareNew Horizon AcademyThe Churchill
DentistDr. Paul W. Klausen, DDS AT&T Tower
DentistMinneapolis DentalFifth Street Towers
DentistNicollet Station Dental 510 Marquette Building
DentistSkyway Dental ClinicThe Crossings
DentistVeil OrthodonticsCity Center
Dept StoreMacy'sMacy's
Dept StoreSaks Off 5thCity Center
Dept StoreTargetTarget Plaza
PharmacyWalgreensGaviidae Common
ElevatorElevator to 517 Marquette Ramp517 Marquette Ramp
ElevatorElevator to 8th Floor RestaurantsMacy's
ElevatorElevator to Hotel LobbyThe Hotel Minneapolis (Midland Bldg)
ElevatorElevator to KeysFoshay Tower
ElevatorElevator to The News RoomTarget Plaza
ElevatorElevators to ParkingTarget Plaza
ElevatorElevators to Roanoke BuildingBaker Center
ElevatorThe Metro Parking and Hell's KitchenThe Metro Apartments
Skyway Entrance/Exit100 Washington Square EntranceING Reliastar Complex
Skyway Entrance/Exit10th Street EntranceTarget Plaza
Skyway Entrance/Exit11th Street & Harmon Ramp Entrance11th Street & Harmon Ramp
Skyway Entrance/Exit11th Street EntranceIvy Tower
Skyway Entrance/Exit12th Street EntranceConvention Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit1st Avenue EntranceButler Square
Skyway Entrance/Exit1st Avenue EntranceLoews Minneapolis Hotel
Skyway Entrance/Exit1st Avenue EntranceTarget Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit1st Street EntranceThe Churchill
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave (Condominium Entrance)The Crossings
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave Entrance330 South 2nd Ave Building
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceA Ramp
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceAmeriprise Financial Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceB Ramp
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceBaker Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceCanadian Pacific Plaza
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceCapella Tower
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceCenturyLink Complex
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceConvention Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceFifth Street Towers
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceGrand Hotel
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceInternational Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceInternational Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceLeamington Ramp
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceMinneapolis Club
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceNorthstar Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceOld Republic Title Building
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceTarget Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceThe Crossings
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceThe Hotel Minneapolis (Midland Bldg)
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceTriTech Office Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave EntranceUSBank Plaza
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave Entrance (Plaza 1)Convention Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave Entrance (Plaza 2)Convention Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Ave Entrance (Plaza 3)Convention Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Avenue EntranceC Ramp
Skyway Entrance/Exit2nd Street (Retail Entrance)The Churchill
Skyway Entrance/Exit33 South 6th Street Entrance (City Center)City Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit3rd Ave EntranceCampbell Mithun Tower
Skyway Entrance/Exit3rd Ave EntrancePublic Service Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit3rd Ave EntranceUS Federal Courthouse
Skyway Entrance/Exit3rd Avenue EntranceAccenture Tower
Skyway Entrance/Exit3rd Avenue EntranceAmeriprise Financial Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit3rd Avenue EntranceC Ramp
Skyway Entrance/Exit3rd Avenue EntranceCapella Tower
Skyway Entrance/Exit3rd Avenue EntranceCenturyLink Building
Skyway Entrance/Exit3rd Avenue EntranceStarTribune
Skyway Entrance/Exit3rd Street Entrance330 South 2nd Ave Building
Skyway Entrance/Exit3rd Street EntranceJerry Haaf Memorial Ramp
Skyway Entrance/Exit3rd Street EntranceThe Crossings
Skyway Entrance/Exit3rd Street EntranceWells Fargo Operations Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit4th Avenue Entrance501 4th Avenue Parking Ramp
Skyway Entrance/Exit4th Avenue Entrance701 Building
Skyway Entrance/Exit4th Avenue EntranceAccenture Tower
Skyway Entrance/Exit4th Avenue EntranceFlour Exchange Building
Skyway Entrance/Exit4th Avenue EntranceGrain Exchange
Skyway Entrance/Exit4th Avenue EntranceHennepin County Public Safety Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit4th Avenue EntranceThrivent
Skyway Entrance/Exit4th Street EntranceGrain Exchange
Skyway Entrance/Exit4th Street EntranceMinneapolis City Hall
Skyway Entrance/Exit4th Street EntranceUS Federal Courthouse
Skyway Entrance/Exit5th Street Entrance15 Building
Skyway Entrance/Exit5th Street EntranceB Ramp
Skyway Entrance/Exit5th Street EntranceFifth Street Towers
Skyway Entrance/Exit5th Street EntranceGovernment Center Ramp
Skyway Entrance/Exit5th Street EntranceHennepin County Government Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit5th Street EntranceLumber Exchange
Skyway Entrance/Exit5th Street EntranceMinneapolis City Hall
Skyway Entrance/Exit5th Street EntranceNic on Fifth
Skyway Entrance/Exit5th Street EntranceSoo Line City Apartments
Skyway Entrance/Exit5th Street EntranceUSBank Plaza
Skyway Entrance/Exit6th Street EntranceButler Square
Skyway Entrance/Exit6th Street EntranceCanadian Pacific Plaza
Skyway Entrance/Exit6th Street EntranceFifty South Sixth
Skyway Entrance/Exit6th Street EntranceGaviidae Common
Skyway Entrance/Exit6th Street EntranceHennepin County Government Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit6th Street EntranceRand Tower
Skyway Entrance/Exit6th Street EntranceRBC Plaza
Skyway Entrance/Exit6th Street EntranceThe Westin Minneapolis
Skyway Entrance/Exit6th Street EntranceWells Fargo Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit7th Street (Marquette Hotel) EntranceIDS Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit7th Street EntranceA Ramp
Skyway Entrance/Exit7th Street EntranceA Ramp
Skyway Entrance/Exit7th Street EntranceBaker Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit7th Street EntranceHennepin County Government Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit7th Street EntranceNorthstar Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit7th Street EntranceTarget Field
Skyway Entrance/Exit7th Street EntranceWells Fargo Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit8th Street EntranceSt. Olafs Church
Skyway Entrance/Exit8th Street EntranceTCF Tower
Skyway Entrance/Exit8th Street Entrance (Post Office)Baker Center
Skyway Entrance/Exit9th Street EntranceA Ramp
Skyway Entrance/ExitA Ramp EntranceA Ramp
Skyway Entrance/ExitArt Institute EntranceArt Institute
Skyway Entrance/ExitEntrance at Target PlazaTarget Field
Skyway Entrance/ExitEntrance from 409 Marquette Ave Ramp into Fifth Street TowersFifth Street Towers
Skyway Entrance/ExitEntrance through Niemen MarcusRBC Plaza (formerly part of Neiman's Wing of Gaviidae Common)
Skyway Entrance/ExitEntrance to 517 Marquette Ramp517 Marquette Ramp
Skyway Entrance/ExitEntrance to Crowne PlazaNorthstar Center
Skyway Entrance/ExitEntrance to St. Olaf'sCampbell Mithun Tower
Skyway Entrance/ExitEntrance Via Foshay TowerFoshay Tower
Skyway Entrance/ExitEntrance via Transit CenterB Ramp
Skyway Entrance/ExitEntrance [between Camille's]Old Republic Title Building
Skyway Entrance/ExitFAIR School EntranceFAIR School
Skyway Entrance/ExitGaviidae Entrance on Nicollet MallGaviidae Common
Skyway Entrance/ExitHawthorne EntranceHawthorne Transportation Center
Skyway Entrance/ExitHell's Kitchen EntranceThe Metro Apartments
Skyway Entrance/ExitHennepin Ave EntranceCity Center
Skyway Entrance/ExitHennepin Ave EntranceCowles (Schubert) Theater
Skyway Entrance/ExitHennepin Ave EntranceLaSalle Plaza
Skyway Entrance/ExitHennepin Ave EntranceLumber Exchange
Skyway Entrance/ExitHennepin Ave EntranceMayo Clinic Square
Skyway Entrance/ExitHennepin Ave EntrancePence Building
Skyway Entrance/ExitHennepin Ave EntrancePlymouth Building
Skyway Entrance/ExitHighland Bank Court EntranceHighland Bank Court
Skyway Entrance/ExitHyatt EntranceHyatt Regency
Skyway Entrance/ExitIDS EntranceIDS Center
Skyway Entrance/ExitIDS EntranceIDS Center
Skyway Entrance/ExitIDS EntranceIDS Center
Skyway Entrance/ExitLaSalle Ave EntranceHighland Bank Court
Skyway Entrance/ExitLaSalle Ave EntranceLaSalle Plaza
Skyway Entrance/ExitLaSalle Ave EntranceUST - Opus Hall
Skyway Entrance/ExitLaSalle Plaza from Hennepin AveLaSalle Plaza
Skyway Entrance/ExitLeamington Ramp EntranceLeamington Ramp
Skyway Entrance/ExitLeamington Ramp EntranceLeamington Ramp
Skyway Entrance/ExitLeamington Ramp EntranceLeamington Ramp
Skyway Entrance/ExitLumber Exchange EntranceLumber Exchange
Skyway Entrance/ExitMain 4th Street EntranceJerry Haaf Memorial Ramp
Skyway Entrance/ExitMarquette Ave Entrance510 Marquette Building
Skyway Entrance/ExitMarquette Ave Entrance517 Marquette Ramp
Skyway Entrance/ExitMarquette Ave EntranceAT&T Tower
Skyway Entrance/ExitMarquette Ave EntranceBolero Flats
Skyway Entrance/ExitMarquette Ave EntranceConvention Center
Skyway Entrance/ExitMarquette Ave EntranceHilton
Skyway Entrance/ExitMarquette Ave EntranceLeamington Ramp
Skyway Entrance/ExitMarquette Ave EntranceMarquette Plaza
Skyway Entrance/ExitMarquette Ave EntranceMarten Ramp
Skyway Entrance/ExitMarquette Ave EntranceNorthstar Center
Skyway Entrance/ExitMarquette Ave EntranceRand Tower
Skyway Entrance/ExitMarquette Ave EntranceSix Quebec
Skyway Entrance/ExitMarquette Ave EntranceSoo Line City Apartments
Skyway Entrance/ExitMarquette Ave EntranceTCF Tower
Skyway Entrance/ExitMarquette Ave EntranceThe Churchill
Skyway Entrance/ExitMarquette Ave EntranceThe Westin Minneapolis
Skyway Entrance/ExitMarquette Ave EntranceWells Fargo Center
Skyway Entrance/ExitMarquette Place EntranceMarquette Place
Skyway Entrance/ExitMarriott City Center EntranceCity Center
Skyway Entrance/ExitMedical Arts EntranceMedical Arts Building
Skyway Entrance/ExitMillenium Hotel EntranceMillennium Hotel
Skyway Entrance/ExitMills Fleet Farm Ramp EntranceMills Fleet Farm Ramp
Skyway Entrance/ExitNicollet Mall EntranceCity Center
Skyway Entrance/ExitNicollet Mall EntranceIDS Center
Skyway Entrance/ExitNicollet Mall EntranceMacy's
Skyway Entrance/ExitNicollet Mall EntranceMacy's
Skyway Entrance/ExitNicollet Mall EntranceMacy's
Skyway Entrance/ExitNicollet Mall EntranceMarquette Plaza
Skyway Entrance/ExitNicollet Mall EntranceRBC Plaza
Skyway Entrance/ExitNicollet Mall EntranceRenaissance Square (Andrus Bldg)
Skyway Entrance/ExitNicollet Mall EntranceTarget Plaza
Skyway Entrance/ExitNicollet Mall EntranceTarget Plaza
Skyway Entrance/ExitNicollet Mall EntranceUS Bancorp Center
Skyway Entrance/ExitNicollet Mall EntranceXcel
Skyway Entrance/ExitNicollet Mall Entrance (Retek on the Mall)Target Plaza
Skyway Entrance/ExitNicollete Mall EntranceFifty South Sixth
Skyway Entrance/ExitNorth Bldg - 4th AvenueGrain Exchange
Skyway Entrance/ExitOrchestra Hall EntranceOrchestra Hall
Skyway Entrance/ExitOrchestra Hall EntranceOrchestra Hall
Skyway Entrance/ExitPark & Shop EntranceMacy's
Skyway Entrance/ExitPlymouth Building EntrancePlymouth Building
Skyway Entrance/ExitPWC Plaza EntrancePlaza VII
Skyway Entrance/ExitRadisson EntrancePlaza VII (Radisson)
Skyway Entrance/ExitRamp Entrance into International CentreInternational Center
Skyway Entrance/ExitRSM Plaza EntranceRSM Plaza
Skyway Entrance/ExitRSM Plaza EntranceRSM Plaza
Skyway Entrance/ExitRSM Plaza EntranceRSM Plaza
Skyway Entrance/ExitU.S. Bank StadiumU.S. Bank Stadium
Skyway Entrance/ExitUniversity of St. Thomas Murphy Hall EntranceUST - Murphy Hall
Skyway Entrance/ExitUniversity of St. Thomas Opus Hall EntranceUST - Opus Hall
Skyway Entrance/ExitUniversity of St. Thomas School of Law EntranceUST - School of Law
Skyway Entrance/ExitUniversity of St. Thomas Schulze Hall EntranceUST - Schulze Hall
Skyway Entrance/ExitWashington Avenue EntranceING Reliastar Complex
Skyway Entrance/ExitWashington Avenue EntranceLatitude 45
Skyway Entrance/ExitWells Fargo 550 EntranceWells Fargo 550
Skyway Entrance/ExitWells Fargo 600 EntranceWells Fargo 600
Skyway Entrance/ExitYoung Quinlan EntranceYoung-Quinlan Building
EscalatorEscalatorB Ramp
EscalatorEscalator down to M&S GrillFifty South Sixth
EscalatorEscalator down to Roanoake BldgBaker Center
EscalatorEscalator in Westin EntranceThe Westin Minneapolis
EscalatorEscalator to 2nd AveCenturyLink Complex
EscalatorEscalator to 7th StreetPlaza VII (Radisson)
EscalatorEscalator to Federal Courthouse SkywayUS Federal Courthouse
EscalatorEscalator to Midwest PlazaRSM Plaza
EscalatorEscalator to Nicollet Light Rail Station510 Marquette Building
EscalatorEscalator to One Financial LobbyCanadian Pacific Plaza
EscalatorEscalator to Ruth's ChrisInternational Center
EscalatorEscalator to TCF tellersTCF Tower
EscalatorEscalator up to Skyway levelMedical Arts Building
EscalatorGaviidae Sak's Wing EscalatorsGaviidae Common
Fast FoodArby'sNorthstar Center
Fast FoodFranks A Million330 South 2nd Ave Building
Fast FoodMy BurgerSix Quebec
Fast FoodWalkin DogNorthstar Center
Fitness CenterCES FitnessNorthstar Center
Fitness CenterLifetime FitnessTarget Center
Fitness CenterLifetime Fitness - Minneapolis Athletic ClubGrand Hotel
Fitness CenterSnap FitnessThe Crossings
Fitness CenterStay Fit Athletic ClubHyatt Regency
Fitness CenterThe Fitness Zone15 Building
Fitness CenterYMCALaSalle Plaza
Fitness CenterYWCAYWCA
FlowersBachmannUSBank Plaza
FlowersIndulge & BloomGaviidae Common
FlowersLindskoog FloristInternational Center
FlowersTommy Carver's Garden of FlowersTarget Plaza
GiftsLove From MinnesotaIDS Center
GourmetAtlasUSBank Plaza
GourmetBANKThe Westin Minneapolis
GourmetCapital GrilleLaSalle Plaza
GourmetCRAVELaSalle Plaza
GourmetD'Amico KitchenChambers Hotel
GourmetDakota Jazz Club and RestaurantTarget Plaza
GourmetFogo de ChuoCity Center
GourmetManny'sFoshay Tower
GourmetMcCormick & Scmick'sUS Bancorp Center
GourmetMercury Dining Room and RailSoo Line City Apartments
GourmetMission American BistroIDS Center
GourmetMonelloIvy Tower
GourmetOceanaireFifty South Sixth
GourmetRare Steak & SushiGrand Hotel
GourmetRestaurant MaxThe Hotel Minneapolis (Midland Bldg)
GourmetRuth's ChrisInternational Center
GourmetThe Melting PotThe Metro Apartments
GourmetUnion4 8th St S
GourmetZeloMedical Arts Building
GovernmentHennepin County Government Service CenterHennepin County Government Center
Hair/Salon/Spa225 BarbersCapella Tower
Hair/Salon/SpaAllen Ray for MenCampbell Mithun Tower
Hair/Salon/SpaAvant Hair & CosmeticsLaSalle Plaza
Hair/Salon/SpaAvedaGaviidae Common
Hair/Salon/SpaBBK's Hair StudioUSBank Plaza
Hair/Salon/SpaCrossings Hair & Nail CareThe Crossings
Hair/Salon/SpaElegant NailsCity Center
Hair/Salon/SpaElegant Nails & SpaTarget Plaza
Hair/Salon/SpaFeature Cut Barber ShopRSM Plaza
Hair/Salon/SpaGalaxy Skyway Barber Stylist330 South 2nd Ave Building
Hair/Salon/SpaGentUS Bancorp Center
Hair/Salon/SpaGreat ClipsSix Quebec
Hair/Salon/SpaGreat ClipsTarget Plaza
Hair/Salon/SpaIvy SpaIvy Tower
Hair/Salon/SpaJuut Salon SpaGaviidae Common
Hair/Salon/SpaKelly Hayes SalonPlymouth Building
Hair/Salon/SpaLakeside TanPlaza VII (Radisson)
Hair/Salon/SpaLontis Day Spa and SalonHighland Bank Court
Hair/Salon/SpaMadison & Co. HairstylistsCanadian Pacific Plaza
Hair/Salon/SpaOoh Aaah MassageHighland Bank Court
Hair/Salon/SpaRegis SalonGaviidae Common
Hair/Salon/SpaRocco AltobelliIDS Center
Hair/Salon/SpaShear Trends Hair DesignBaker Center
Hair/Salon/SpaWinstons BarbershopMacy's
FurnitureFluid InteriorsButler Square
FurnitureHaworthButler Square
FurnitureInscape Office Furniture11th And Harmon Ramp
HotelBest Western Plus - Normandy Inn & SuitesBest Western Downtown
HotelChambers HotelChambers Hotel
HotelCrowne Plaza Northstar HotelNorthstar Center
HotelGrand HotelGrand Hotel
HotelHewing Hotel
HotelHoliday Inn ExpressHoliday Inn Express
HotelHotel IvyIvy Tower
HotelHyatt PlaceCentre Village
HotelHyatt Regency MinneapolisHyatt Regency
HotelLoews Minneapolis HotelLoews Minneapolis Hotel
HotelMarquette HotelIDS Center
HotelMillennium HotelMillennium Hotel
HotelMinneapolis MarriottCity Center
HotelRadisson BluPlaza VII (Radisson)
HotelRadisson RedRadisson Red
HotelResidence Inn by MarriottResidence Inn by Marriott
HotelThe Depot RenaissanceRenaissance by Marriott at the Depot
HotelThe Hotel MinneapolisThe Hotel Minneapolis (Midland Bldg)
HotelW HotelFoshay Tower
HotelWestinThe Westin Minneapolis
Ice CreamDairy Queen and Orange JuliusUS Bancorp Center
InformationGaviidae InformationGaviidae Common
InformationMetroTransitBaker Center
InformationMinneapolis Visitor InformationRBC Plaza
JeweleryBergstrom JewelryPlymouth Building
JeweleryGittelson's JewelersNorthstar Center
JeweleryJ Roettger Jewelers15 Building
JeweleryJeffrey JewelersPlymouth Building
JeweleryNew York JewelryPlaza VII (Radisson)
JeweleryRF MoellerRBC Plaza (formerly part of Neiman's Wing of Gaviidae Common)
JeweleryWholesale Gold & DiamondLumber Exchange
Juice bar(Yo)gurtIDS Center
Juice barJuice So GoodBaker Center
Juice barJuice So GoodBaker Center
Juice barOasis JuiceNorthstar Center
LiquorBottle HouseThe Churchill
LiquorHaskellsYoung-Quinlan Building
LiquorSkyway Wine & SpiritsSix Quebec
LiquorTeam LiquorPlaza VII (Radisson)
SpecialtyGNCCity Center
SpecialtyGNCTarget Plaza
SpecialtyLewis Pipe & TabaccoRand Tower
MuseumMill City Museum
MuseumWells Fargo History MuseumWells Fargo Center
OptricianDowntown EyesUS Bancorp Center
OptricianMoss OpticalLaSalle Plaza
OptricianSolomon OpticalNorthstar Center
OptricianTarget OpticalTarget Plaza
OptricianVision WorldBaker Center
Parking1111 Marquette Ave RampLeamington Ramp
Parking11th Street & Harmon Ramp11th Street & Harmon Ramp
Parking409 Marquette Avenue Ramp409 Marquette Avenue Ramp
Parking413 Nicollet Mall Ramp413 Nicollet Mall Ramp
Parking414 Hennepin Parking LotING Reliastar Complex
Parking509 Hennepin Avenue Surface Lot509 Hennepin Avenue Surface Lot
Parking517 Marquette Avenue - Allied Parking517 Marquette Ramp
Parking5th Street Towers RampFifth Street Towers
Parking910 LaSalle Parking Ramp910 LaSalle Parking Ramp
Parking915 LaSalle Avenue Ramp910 LaSalle Ramp
ParkingA RampA Ramp
ParkingB RampB Ramp
ParkingBaker Center ParkingBaker Center
ParkingBlock E RampMayo Clinic Square
ParkingC RampC Ramp
ParkingGaviidae Common Parking RampGaviidae Common
ParkingGaviidae Common Parking RampRBC Plaza (formerly part of Neiman's Wing of Gaviidae Common)
ParkingGovernment Center Parking RampGovernment Center Ramp
ParkingHawthorne Transportation CenterHawthorne Transportation Center
ParkingHilton RampHilton
ParkingInternational Centre RampInternational Center
ParkingJerry Haaf Memorial RampJerry Haaf Memorial Ramp
ParkingLaSalle Plaza RampLaSalle Plaza
ParkingLoring Municpal RampHyatt Ramp
ParkingMarquette & 9th St. LotMarquette & 9th St. Lot
ParkingMills Fleet Farm RampMills Fleet Farm Ramp
ParkingNorth Terminal Parking LotNorth Terminal Lot
ParkingOne Financial Plaza ParkingCanadian Pacific Plaza
ParkingPark & ShopMacy's
ParkingParking Ramp - MartenInternational Center
ParkingTarget RampTarget Plaza
ParkingTCF Bank Parking RampTCF Tower
ParkingThe MetroThe Metro Apartments
ParkingUS Federal Bldg. ParkingUS Federal Courthouse
ParkingWest Metropolitan Education Program Parking RampFAIR School
Snacks/SweetsAJ's PopcornTCF Tower
Snacks/SweetsAmy's ConfectionsNorthstar Center
Snacks/SweetsBogart Doughnut CompanyIDS Center
Snacks/SweetsCafe DonutsCanadian Pacific Plaza
Snacks/SweetsCandylandPlaza VII (Radisson)
Snacks/SweetsCardigan DonutsCity Center
Snacks/SweetsClassic CookieCenturyLink Complex
Snacks/SweetsCocoa & Fig Catering & ConfectionsGaviidae Common
Snacks/SweetsCookies & MoreLaSalle Plaza
PhonesAT&TBaker Center
PhonesCenturyLink [Retail Location]CenturyLink Complex
PhonesSprint WirelessUSBank Plaza
PhonesTmobileIDS Center
PhonesVerizon WirelessUS Bancorp Center
PizzaAndrea Pizza330 South 2nd Ave Building
PizzaAndrea PizzaCapella Tower
PizzaAndrea PizzaHighland Bank Court
PizzaCheetah PizzaNorthstar Center
PizzaGinelli's PizzaTCF Tower
PizzaMama's PizzaUS Bancorp Center
Post OfficePost Office - Butler SquareButler Square
Post OfficePost Office - CommerceGrain Exchange
Restaurant8th Street GrillRSM Plaza
RestaurantBep EateryFifth Street Towers
RestaurantCowboy Jack'sCowboy Jack's
RestaurantEastsideLatitude 45
RestaurantFirelakePlaza VII (Radisson)
RestaurantHell's KitchenThe Metro Apartments
RestaurantLa Belle CrepeMedical Arts Building
RestaurantLyon's PubPlymouth Building
RestaurantMcKinney RoeEdition Apartments 510
RestaurantMONAAccenture Tower
RestaurantNews RoomTarget Plaza
RestaurantOUIBar + KTCHNRadisson Red
RestaurantRock BottomLaSalle Plaza
RestaurantThe Burger PlaceUSBank Plaza
RestaurantThe LocalEssex Building
RestaurantVellee DeliBaker Center
ChineseAh Sa WanTCF Tower
ChineseAh Sa WanUSBank Plaza
ChineseAsian MaxCanadian Pacific Plaza
ChineseBamboo GardenNorthstar Center
ChineseLeann Chin'sCity Center
ChineseLee's ExpressUS Bancorp Center
ChineseOrient ExpressSix Quebec
ChineseShanghai WokPlaza VII (Radisson)
ChineseSkyway WokBaker Center
ChineseSkyway WokThe Crossings
ChineseTea House330 South 2nd Ave Building
ChineseThe Bamboo ShootTriTech Office Center
MediterraneanFalafel KingTCF Tower
MediterraneanGood to GoUSBank Plaza
MediterraneanNaf NafUSBank Plaza
MediterraneanRoti Modern MediterraneanIDS Center
MediterraneanTrieste CafeLumber Exchange
MediterraneanValentino's CafeInternational Center
IndianBombay BistroThe Metro Apartments
IndianCopper PotLumber Exchange
IndianKadai Indian GrillSix Quebec
ItalianRed Rabbit
ItalianSorrento CucinaNorthstar Center
ItalianSorrento Cucina DueCenturyLink Complex
JapaneseCLOSED Ichiban Japanese Steak House & Sushi BarIchiban Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar
JapaneseKikugawaNorthstar Center
JapaneseOne Two Three SushiIDS Center
JapaneseOne Two Three SushiUSBank Plaza
JapaneseSushi TakatsuBaker Center
JapaneseTogether SushiHighland Bank Court
MexicanBaja SolCity Center
MexicanBarrioEssex Building
MexicanChipotleFifty South Sixth
MexicanChipotleUSBank Plaza
MexicanCrazy Taco330 South 2nd Ave Building
MexicanLa Loma TomalesNorthstar Center
MexicanTaco JohnsSix Quebec
ThaiPad-Ga Pow!Highland Bank Court / Residence Inn by Marriott
Sandwich/Soup/CafeAllie's DeliRand Tower
Sandwich/Soup/CafeAu Bon PainBaker Center
Sandwich/Soup/CafeAu Bon PainCapella Tower
Sandwich/Soup/CafeBrothers DeliFifty South Sixth
Sandwich/Soup/CafeBruegger's BagelsGaviidae Common
Sandwich/Soup/CafeBrueggers BagelsTCF Tower
Sandwich/Soup/CafeCaribbean GrillNorthstar Center
Sandwich/Soup/CafeCrepes Up DeliciousCanadian Pacific Plaza
Sandwich/Soup/CafeD'Amico and SonsRBC Plaza
Sandwich/Soup/CafeD. BriansCampbell Mithun Tower
Sandwich/Soup/CafeD. BriansPlaza VII (Radisson)
Sandwich/Soup/CafeD. BriansUS Bancorp Center
Sandwich/Soup/CafeDagwoodsThe Crossings
Sandwich/Soup/CafeDave's DowntownInternational Center
Sandwich/Soup/CafeDeli ExpressMinneapolis City Hall
Sandwich/Soup/CafeErberts & GerbertsLaSalle Plaza
Sandwich/Soup/CafeErberts & GerbertsSix Quebec
Sandwich/Soup/CafeFederal CafeUS Federal Courthouse
Sandwich/Soup/CafeFreshiiGaviidae Common
Sandwich/Soup/CafeGreen + The GrainBaker Center
Sandwich/Soup/CafeGreen + The GrainLaSalle Plaza
Sandwich/Soup/CafeGreenfield Natural KitchenCanadian Pacific Plaza
Sandwich/Soup/CafeJimmy JohnsThe Metro Apartments
Sandwich/Soup/CafeJimmy JohnsUSBank Plaza
Sandwich/Soup/CafeKey's Cafe & BakeryFoshay Tower
Sandwich/Soup/CafeKoKapelliButler Square
Sandwich/Soup/CafeLite Bite330 South 2nd Ave Building
Sandwich/Soup/CafeLite BiteNorthstar Center
Sandwich/Soup/CafeLunch CubeTarget Plaza
Sandwich/Soup/CafeMaison DarrasBaker Center
Sandwich/Soup/CafeMama Mia'sThe Crossings
Sandwich/Soup/CafePaneraRSM Plaza
Sandwich/Soup/CafePeople's OrganicIDS Center
Sandwich/Soup/CafePotbellyIDS Center
Sandwich/Soup/CafePotbellyRand Tower
Sandwich/Soup/CafeQuizno'sTarget Plaza
Sandwich/Soup/CafeReal Meal DeliBaker Center
Sandwich/Soup/CafeSimplsSix Quebec
Sandwich/Soup/CafeSubway701 Building
Sandwich/Soup/CafeSubwayCenturyLink Complex
Sandwich/Soup/CafeSubwayNorthstar Center
Sandwich/Soup/CafeSubwayRBC Plaza
Sandwich/Soup/CafeSubwayTCF Tower
Sandwich/Soup/CafeSubwayUS Bancorp Center
Sandwich/Soup/CafeThe Simple SandwichFifth Street Towers
Sandwich/Soup/CafeTwin Cities BitesNorthstar Center
Sandwich/Soup/CafeWhich WichUS Bancorp Center
Sandwich/Soup/CafeWorld Cafe Soo Line City Apartments
Sandwich/Soup/CafeWuollet BakeryUSBank Plaza
SchoolWest Metro Education ProgramFAIR School
ShoesAllen EdmondsCity Center
ShoesFoot LockerPlaza VII (Radisson)
StairsStairway to Capital GrilleLaSalle Plaza
StairsStairway to Peter's GrillBaker Center
StairsStairway to Post OfficeBaker Center
StatueFather of the WatersMinneapolis City Hall
StatueFormer Vice President of the United States, U.S. Senator, and Mayor of Minneapolis.Minneapolis City Hall
TailorSew Biz510 Marquette Building
TailorSew What!TCF Tower
TailorSong Tailoring & AlterationsHighland Bank Court
TailorTheresa's Alterations & TailoringThe Churchill
Tea HouseNorthern Lights Tea CompanyHighland Bank Court
TheaterGuthrie Theater
TheaterOrpheum Orpheum Theater
TheaterPantages TheaterPantages
TheaterSchubert TheaterCowles (Schubert) Theater
TheaterState TheaterLaSalle Plaza
RestroomRestroomConvention Center
RestroomRestroomConvention Center
RestroomRestroomConvention Center
RestroomRestroomConvention Center
RestroomRestroomGaviidae Common
RestroomRestroomRBC Plaza (formerly part of Neiman's Wing of Gaviidae Common)
RestroomRestroomRBC Plaza (formerly part of Neiman's Wing of Gaviidae Common)
RestroomWomen's RestroomMacy's
UniversityArt Institute [Pence Building]Pence Building
UniversityUniversity of St. Thomas [Murphy Hall]UST - Murphy Hall
UniversityUniversity of St. Thomas [School of Law]UST - School of Law
UniversityUniversity of St. Thomas [Schulze Hall]UST - Schulze Hall
SaladSprout Salad Co.RBC Plaza
SaladThe Salad BarCity Center