Kison Interview – The Skyway Girl

In “Skyway,” the 1987 song by the Minneapolis band The Replacements, the skyway is a barrier between the protagonist up in the skyway and his love interest on the street below. But, in “Skyway Girl,” vocalist Kison finds the skyway bringing her together with her “crush on the 14th floor.” She kicks off her flats and puts on her stilettos to get his attention.

In the skyway lunchtime rush you see the same people coming and going. Kison steps off the elevator “Suit coat buttoned / hair all curled / Steve Madden struttin’ on top of the world / I’m a skyway girl.”  The skyway brings her together with the boy on the 14th floor.

Anyhow, we love the song and with an alias like “Skyway Girl,” Skyway My Way figured we had to meet her! So, we sat down over coffee (in the skyway of course)…here are some nuggets from our interview:

SMW: Where are you from? And, is your real name Kison?
: No, my real name is Kim Swanson. Kison is a combination of my first and last name. I grew up on a farm in Warren, MN about 320 miles away from Minneapolis on the North Dakota border.

SMW: How did you get started in music? Who has influenced you?
: I’m classically trained and have been in vocal lessons since I was 7 years old. In high school/college as part of my training I sang opera. But, my real influences these days are more soul and R&B. Artists like Etta James, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, and Alicia Keys. I try to keep an open ear to many genres though.

SMW: Are you performing anywhere?
: I’m working on my second album due out this summer. So, I haven’t been performing much lately. I’ll keep you posted on upcoming shows for spring and summer.

SMW: Where can people go to hear your songs?
: Here’s my website/Twitter/FB:


Thank you Kison! We love Skyway Girl and can’t wait to hear more!

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